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Production Companies

Curry Western Movies (Pvt Ltd) in India, Les Films du Lotus (Sàrl) in Switzerland and Kavita Teresa Film (Ltd) are the film production companies, directed by Kamal Musale, that will ensure that the movie is produced with the highest quality.

Les Films du Lotus is a 29-year old Swiss production company that focuses on developing and coproducing English-language feature films co-produced with European, UK, Canadian, US & Indian partners. It previously produced about a dozen films for European broadcasters.
Curry Western Movies is an Indian company created in 2007 to cook Indian movies for Western taste.

Kavita Teresa Film (Ltd) is a company in the U.K created to help produce this movie in England, as a substantial part of the story takes place in London, involving British actors and technicians. The British Film Institute (BFI) has officially registered our movie as a British Film via the tax incentive scheme thanks to the co-production with the Indian company Curry Western Movies.