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All the film’s profits will be donated to charitable institutions and foundations that work for the destitute, the sick, the handicapped and the abandoned children. They will be supported in their education and health care.

Three good reasons to donate

As a donor, you are part of this tremendous creative, culturally, and socially driven vision. You create value worldwide. Your donation has a multiplying impact.

  • Charity: You create value worldwide. Outside of the costs of production, the film is 100% non-profit. All proceeds go directly to charitable organisations or institutions that work to uplift the poor, sick and orphaned or handicapped children in India (see below the growing list of Beneficiaries).
  • Inspiration: Through the emotional strength of this story, audiences will emotionally experience the power of compassion, love and forgiveness. The film will inspire people to love their own families and those around them, for bettering their life with real values.
  • Tribute: By helping to make the film, you pay tribute to Mother Teresa and her life’s work and help carry her vision and message in the future.

The underlying message of the film is relevant to today’s global and heterogeneous audience: As the world becomes a smaller place and there is an increase in crime, wars and intolerance, the other end of the spectrum – kindness, consideration and caring for fellow human beings – is on a downward spiral.

The film’s ambition is to inspire people to understand what the real values in life are – compassion, respect and love, not just on the surface but within the family and the environment.

After winning the Nobel Prize, Mother Teresa was asked by a journalist, “What can we do to promote world peace?” Her reply was simple: “Go home and love your family!”

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